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Foil edge gilding is the application of metallic and satin foil colours to the edges of business cards and invitations. It is synonymous with status and prestige.

The ancient craft of edge gilding can be traced back to the Egyptians, and is a specialised service carried out in-house at After Hours Creative. We use metallic foils (most commonly gold, silver, rose gold and copper), as well as, special effect foils such as, holographic silver and patterns to gild the edges of business cards and invitations. In addition, gloss and matt pigment foils are ideal alternatives to edge painting, because there is no danger of paint bleeding onto the surface of the cards.

Please note: This service is only available on products printed and produced by After Hours Creative. We don't offer gilding as a trade service to third parties.


Discover how we foil edge gild business cards by reading our How to foil edge business cards blog post. Edge gilding a specialised service, and every professional craftsman has his/her own trade secrets. In fact, some companies block entry to their manufacturing areas to keep their gilding methods private. The general approach to applying foil to the edges of business cards and invitations is always the same. The cards must be clamped in a stack and sanded until the edges are completely smooth. A special adhesive is then applied to the stack and allowed to dry before the foil is applied using a heated roller. Not all foil grades that are used for hot foil stamping are suitable for foil edge gilding. Generally, you want an easy release foil that is suitable for the substrate you are edge gilding.


In addition to edge gilding business cards and invitations, it is also possible to gild book pages. This is most commonly done on diaries, notebooks and bibles. Originally, page edge gilding was carried out using gold leaf. Nowdays, hot stamping foils can also be used for books, because the foil is high enough quality to effectively edge gild each page. We don’t currently offer page edge gilding for books in-house, but we can put you in touch with a specialist gilder, if this is something you are looking for. The reason we do not offer this service is, because we don’t produce books and bibles at our studio.


We offer a range of Edge Gilded Business Cards to order online, with invitations and other items priced via quotation on request. As a general guide, foil edge gilding pricing for business cards starts at £65/$85. Prices vary, depending upon the quantity and how thick the print media is. For example, edge gilding on 450gsm card will be cheaper than gilding 800gsm card. It’s common to foil edge gild thicker items, because the edge foil effects stand out more on thicker card. By duplexing stocks, we can create thick business cards and invitations up to 1000gsm to really showcase foil edge effects. If you’d like a quote for edge gilding, please reach out to our friendly team for a quote.

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