Need a quote for white ink printing?



Expand the creative boundaries of print with our digital white ink printing. White ink allows for both stand-alone white and full colour print (with white underneath) on coloured and creative card stocks.

Coloured, metallic, mirror-finish and transparent papers are just some of the media styles you can explore with digital opaque white ink printing. Select from stocks that are coloured, deeply saturated, neon, iridescent, transparent, or highly reflective and use them for White Ink Business Cards, stationery, invitations and more! Capitalise on setting your brand apart with the creativity and distinction of white ink.


Our CMYKW digital press elevates advanced colour with single pass white-under printing. Such capacity means we can print in full process CMYK colours plus solid white. High density digital white ink is ideal for dark, coloured, metallic and transparent media. This new technology gives designers and companies seeking an edge with print marketing, new and creative opportunities to project their print media. By laying down white first in a single pass, white ink can be printed underneath CMYK (full colour) print with excellent registration. White ink can also be used on its own as part of your design. Furthermore, direct printing of the media colour onto the media (e.g. black ink on black stock), with no white behind creates a subtle UV varnish type effect and can be part of white ink designs without any additional cost. Spot UV type effects are just one of the many benefits of using coloured card stocks for printing. White ink printing can be coupled with our duplexing, foil stamping and edge gilding services to create ravishing and distinctive invitations, business cards, stationery and much more!


The images above show some examples of the effects that can be achieved by using digital white ink printing. It’s suitable for use on a huge variety of card stocks from kraft and coloured stocks such as Colorplan, translucent self adhesive paper and other special effect cards and papers. White ink printing can also be combined with foil stamping and duplexing to produce luxury invitations.


Since our white ink printing is a digital process, it is very cost effective, even for very short print runs. We stock a multitude of different coloured papers and can print white ink up to A3 size. White ink printing is ideal for short runs of business cards, art prints, posters, clear gloss stickers, labels, swing tags, invitations and much more. It is also ideal for personalisation, and is commonly requested for Colorplan invitations where different names are printed with white ink. Each white ink printing project is processed on a case by case basis, so please reach out to us for a quick quote for your project.

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