Printed letterheads are the centrepiece of any stationery set, unifying all documents under one brand. Our letterheads are printed on premium, uncoated paper available in weights of 90gsm, 120gsm and 160gsm. They are ideal for both business and personal use. If you’re looking for a luxury foil finish, we also specialise in Foil Blocked Letterheads and can produce Embossed Letterheads on request too.

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As a general rule, letterheads are digitally printed. Orders placed for a quantity of 2000 or more will often be litho printed, making them suitable for overprinting in laser printers. Digital printed letterheads are ideal for shorter runs, as they are more cost effective to print, however, they will only be suitable for overprinting in inkjet printers and not laser printers. This is due to the heat from laser printers affecting the toner using during the commercial printing process. Additionally, we also offer Bespoke Digitally Printed Letterheads using creative papers such as cotton, as well as, coloured papers like Colorplan. Maybe you want something really different for true uniqueness? Reach out to our friendly team, and we’ll see what we can offer!


A4 is the standard letter size used through the UK and Europe. It is designed to fit flat into C4 envelopes, folded in half it fits in C5 envelopes and when folded twice, fits into DL envelopes. Our A4 Printed Letterheads are produced at 297mm x 210mm. Our A4 templates are set to 303mm x 216mm, which includes 3mm bleed around each edge to allow for any designs that go to the edge of the page. A4 letterheads also compliment and fit nicely inside A4 Oversized Presentation Folders.


Besides Printing A4 Letterheads, we can also print A5 letterheads too. Although not offered online, A5 Printed Letterheads are available upon request. They’re commonly used as inserts in A5 Presentation Folders to avoid folding the larger A4 letterheads. A5 Letterheads are exactly half the size of A4 at 210mm x 148mm and will fit flat inside both C5 envelopes and oversized A5 Presentation folders. A5 Letterheads also serve as certificates or forms. As with our A4 Letterhead range, we can produce them on creative papers such as coloured, special finish and cotton. Popular colour options include having letterheads printed on cream, ivory or light grey paper.

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