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Create a unique look and feel with quality debossed effects.

Debossing uses the same type of metal die as foil blocking, however unlike embossing, instead of applying enough pressure to push through to the other side of the card stock, only enough pressure is applied to create an indentation on one side of the card stock. Debossing can be combined with foil stamping or left blind (no colour), for a more subtle look. The finished debossed effect is similar to letterpress, except that foil is used rather than ink. Letterpress foil is more cost effective than letterpress ink and also allows for the use of metallic effects. Please keep in mind that, deep debossing can produce a bruise/heat mark on the reverse side of the card stock. For this reason, it produces the best results on thick textured card stocks.

Debossing design considerations

Debossing works best on thick textured card stocks. The texture creates a nice contrast with the deboss and thicker cards help reduce the bruise on the reverse side. We recommend Cotton for fantastic debossing effects!

Chunky and fairly intricate designs both achieve great results when debossed.

Debossing can be combined with foil stamping, however, it will be done so at the discretion of the foil technician as too much of a deboss with foil can increase 'bleed' of the foil around the edges or 'filling in' when there are small gaps between foil elements.

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