Need a quote for a spot UV project?



Add striking spot UV printing effects to business cards, invitations and other print media.


Spot UV entails a clear, shiny coating being applied to specific 'spot' areas of a design, to create an eye-catching contrast, as well as, a distinctive feel. It has the ability to make anything look and feel instantly more upmarket. Spot UV printing is most commonly applied on top of matt lamination for the best results, as it provides a really nice contrast with the matt finish, however, it can also be applied on top of soft touch velvet lamination too. We offer both Matt and Soft Touch Spot UV Business Cards online, along with other spot UV projects, which are priced via quotation upon request.

Traditional spot UV cannot be applied on top of uncoated papers or boards, because it is only suitable for use on top of lamination. If spot UV effects are required on uncoated stocks, we recommend foiling stamping as an alternative option. Clear gloss foil can be used as a substitution for spot UV on uncoated, textured and coloured stocks where traditional spot UV is not suitable. Clear gloss foil stamping also has the added bonus of allowing for a deboss effect with the clear gloss finish. Additionally, we also carry rainbow clear gloss foil too, which creates a dramatic finish by further enhancing standard spot UV. Spot UV can also be combined with foil stamping and die cutting, to craft unique business cards and invitations.


We offer several options for spot UV coating including both low build and high build raised spot UV finishing. Thanks to high build spot UV’s unique raised finish, you can really appeal to people’s sense of touch by creating interesting patterns. By incorporating spot UV on such patterns, the results create interesting textures on the surface. Raised spot UV coating is only available on matt and soft touch lamination. It is also important to note that, raised spot UV can crack along the edges during guillotining, if it goes right to the edge of your design. Therefore, we strongly recommend keeping the spot UV elements 5mm in from the card edges to maintain a high-quality finish. This isn’t an issue with low build spot UV or clear gloss foil stamping.


You’ll find that we offer a wide range of affordable business cards and spot UV invitations online. All other spot UV projects are available via quotation. Pricing varies depending on the size, quantity and the total spot UV coverage required. We can also die cut spot UV sheets into unique shapes, which is a popular option for business cards, high-end flyers and invitations. If you’d like pricing for your spot UV project, please reach out to our friendly team for a quick quote.

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