Need a quote for a duplexing project?



Couple two or three different card colours to craft thick business cards and invitations with riveting edge colour combinations!

Combine vibrant card colours to create duotones edges or coloured cores to visually hoist your brand or create super thick business cards and invitations to showcase beautiful foil edge gilding. Our adhesive machines enable us to adhere two (duplex) or three (triplex) sheets together. These sheets can be the same colour, two colours or three different colours! We can duplex pretty much all papers and finishes providing the weights are the same for each. This includes full coloured laminated sheets, colorplan and other GF Smith papers, along with Vanguard, kraft, black card and many, many more. Our vast paper ‘library’ has something for everyone! Once the adhesive has properly cured, it provides a strong permanent bond that will not come apart. Duplexing dyed coloured card stocks creates distinctive duotone edge colour combinations. You can also add a contrasting colour through the middle layer of a triplexed sheet. These popular edge colour combinations are perfect for Colorful Business Cards and invitations.

By incorporating our duplexing service with foil stamping, white ink printing and full colour printing with white underneath on coloured stocks, we have the facility to execute elegant, alluring and unique business cards, invitations and high-end promotional materials.

Please note: This service is only available on products printed and produced by After Hours Creative. We don't offer duplexing as a trade service to third parties who wish to supply sheets for gluing.


Duplexing can sometimes be confused with duplex printing which simply involves printing on both sides of a sheet of paper. Most digital printing presses can do this on paper and card stock up to 350gsm, with some more expensive presses having the capability to duplex print on 450gsm. However, what happens if you want something printed on stock that is thicker/heavier than 450gsm?

Our duplexing service is slightly different to duplex printing, and it means that two or more sheets of equal weight are glued back to back to create permanently bonded material. Such facility enables us to produce print products such as, a business cards and invitations on silk laminated stocks, thicker than 350/450gsm. For example, we can take two sheets of 350gsm silk, print them both single sided and duplex them back to back, to create a 700gsm printed sheet. Duplexing full colour sheets is also popular option for customers who desire showing off foil edge gilding on full colour printed designs.


Duplexing isn’t expensive. We have a base charge of £15/$20 for setting up and then a small cost per sheet. Small products like, business cards and hang tags are very cost effective to duplex. Duplexing is a great way to create print media on thicker card stocks, which give them a more premium feel. It’s also popular to combine duplexing with edge gilding to exhibit the foil edges, and of course, to show off duotone edges and coloured cores too. If you’d like a duplexing cost for your project, reach out to us for a quick quote.