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Achieve visual impact, at an affordable cost with digital foil effects!

Unlike traditional foil stamping, digital foiling does not require etched metal die blocks, making it affordable for short runs, with larger foil coverage areas. The drawback is that it only works on smooth card stocks such as; 350/400gsm silk/uncoated board or matt/soft touch lamination. It's not suitable for any textured stocks, because the card stock needs to be completely smooth. Digital foiling also doesn't create a 'debossed' impression in the card stock. Digital foiling is ideal on laminated business cards, invitations, certificates and other media that you’d like to visually elevate with foil effects.


Digital foiling entails fusing special rolls of foil to black toner printing. It’s the ideal choice for foil effects if traditional foil stamping is too expensive. The quality of finish is higher with foil stamping, but digital foiling can still produce good results, at a much more cost-effective price. Digital foiling can also be applied on top of full colour designs. This is achieved by printing your full colour design, laminating it, then printing the foil elements in black. When the printed sheets are fed through the digital foiler, the foil fuses to just the black ink. The laminate protects the full colour print underneath. This is most commonly done with matt/soft touch lamination, because the foil effects provide a stylish contrast with the matt finish of the lamination, however, it can also be done on top of gloss lamination too. If you’re not sure whether foil stamping or digital foiling is the right option for your project, you can reach out to our friendly team for advice. You can also explore our blog post about The Differences Between Foil Stamping and Digital Foiling.


Although it’s often referred to as digital foil stamping, digital foiling doesn’t involve any stamping. This is why digital foiling isn’t suitable if you want a debossed foil finish or foil effects on textured card stocks. Foiling on top of black toner means the foil effects sit flush to the surface. If you’re interested in examples of digital foil, please reach out to us and we’ll send them out in the post.


Digital foil is much more budget friendly than foil stamping if you’re looking for a short run, have a large foil coverage area (up to A3) or if you want personalisation on the media. There are minimal set up costs and since digital foil fuses to black toner, you can have different designs/names with foil effects. This is often very expensive to do via foil stamping, due to the cost of all of the dies required for the different names. Even a project with just a few A3 foil prints can be produced at a very affordable cost. Reach out to our friendly team for a quick quote, or delve into our range of Digital Foil Business Cards and Invitations available online.

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