Uncoated Business Cards

Our passion for paper is unveiled with our Uncoated Business Card range. All of these business cards have a natural uncoated finish. Stocks such as, Mohawk Felt Cream and Tintoretto have a textured surface. With their premium uncoated finish, these business cards are ideal for writing on, making them ideal for loyalty cards and appointment cards. Also, this range is now offered with foil stamping options!

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One of the most popular cards in our Uncoated range is our Linen Finish Business Cards which are produced on 260gsm linen card stock. Additionally, there's also a hammer effect finish available. Card colour options include brilliant white and ivory, which can be digitally printed and hot foil stamped. Like our Mohawk and Tintoretto Business Cards, we don't recommend flood coating on linen card, because you’ll lose the appeal of the stock. We recommend either keeping ink coverage low or using colours that are a mix of as many of the CMYK inks as possible. This way, the stock will have multiple layers of ink applied to it, and will achieve a much more solid finish on the textured surface. If you prefer a thicker card, we can also duplex the stock (glue printed sheets back to back), to create 520gsm Uncoated Linen Business Cards. This will only work provided there isn't solid ink coverage on both sides. This ensures there is no ink flaking along the edges during guillotining, so we can maintain our high standards of finishing. If you're interested in a 520gsm Linen Finish Business Cards, please reach out to us for a quick quote.


Our two most textured card stocks are Mohawk Felt Cream and Tintoretto. Both of these uncoated cards have a nice texture, which is suitable for both digital printing and hot foil stamping. Due to the weight of the stock, we only offer foil stamping on one side. In addition to these two cards, we also have other textured card options such as Gmund, Colorplan and Cairn which are available via quotation. Textured Uncoated Business Cards are gaining a lot of popularity with our customers, as they desire to create more organic and distinct business cards while adhering to a budget. Although the weights of these cards aren't particularly high, they do have premium look and feel to them. Embrace the appeal of these stocks, so you can craft your own stylish textured uncoated business card!


All of our Uncoated Business Cards have a natural finish. Unlike silk boards, uncoated boards do not have a special coating applied, giving them a natural uncoated finish. This is something that is requested often, as it is often perceived as having a more natural, premium look and finish. With some uncoated card stocks such as, Woodstock Betulla Pulp, you can actually see the small fibres and grains of wood pulp within the stock. Made of 80% recycled materials and 20% chlorine free fibres, Woodstock Betulla Pulp is a truly organic, natural uncoated option for business cards. All of our Uncoated Business Cards have a natural finish, along with other ranges such as Vanguard, Colorplan and Senses. Similarly, these stocks are also uncoated natural card stocks, that have been dyed specific colours to add to the natural look and feel.

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