Need a quote for a foil stamped print project?



Foil stamping, also called foil blocking, is the application of metallic or special effect foils to paper or card stock using pressure and a heated metal die/plate. It’s one of our primary foil printing specialties, and by far, our most popular print finishing technique due to its ability to make any print media immediately look distinctively upmarket.

Metallic, pigment and special effect foils are applied using a combination of heat and pressure and a metal etched die, leaving a slight indentation (also called a deboss), in the surface of the card stock. These foil blocking effects elevate print, increasing the value of the brand by creating a luxury, high-end finish.

We carry out all of our foil printing and hand-finishing on site at our premises in Bude, Cornwall, England and ship orders out all over the world. Such facility means deliverance of meticulous and high-quality print products such as Hot Foil Stamped Business Cards, Foil Blocked Letterheads and Foil Invitations. Furthermore, we acquire diverse stocks of papers and boards from suppliers including GF Smith, James Cropper and Fedrigoni that are superlative for corporate and personal stationery printing. You can also select from our gorgeous in-house palette of metallic and satin stock foil colours along with the ever popular holographic 'rainbow' silver. Special effect foils such as, holographic pink, holographic gold, gloss/matt pigment foils, brushed foils and patterned foils are also available on request for custom hot foil stamping print projects.

Hot foil stamping

All hot foil stamping is carried out on our Heidelberg presses by trained technicians. We also stock a large range of the most popular hot stamping foils, with additional colours ordered in on request. Many of the shades available from Foilco can be ordered in on request, provided the available foil grades are suitable for your chosen substrate. Our team have over 15 years’ combined experience with foil stamping, foil embossing and debossing. With in-house duplexing, foil edge gilding, digital printing, laminating and white ink printing we are able to undertake a wide variety of hot foil stamping projects, which are available online via our website or by custom quotation. In addition, with our profound passion for papers and boards, we stock many of them at our print studio enabling quick turnarounds on projects.

How much does foil stamp printing cost?

Hot foil stamping requires etched metal dies to apply the foil effects to your chosen paper/card. Most of the cost of foil stamping is determined by the size of the foil area. The larger the foil area, the more expensive the cost will be. Large foil areas require expensive metal dies which are not economical for short foil stamping print runs. This is one of the reasons we offer digital foiling, in addition to, traditional foil stamping. Digital foiling is very affordable for short runs and large foil areas, because it does not require metal dies. Offering both hot foil stamping and digital foiling services means we have the facility to offer the most cost-effective option for every foil project. Although each project is unique, we can easily provide quotes once we have the details of what you are looking for. If you would like a quote for hot foil stamping; then you will need to either send us your artwork or you can determine your foil stamping area and send us the measurements, so we can furnish a quote.