Gone are the days where compliment slips need to be on white paper that is printed full coloured. Many companies are shifting to Colored Compliment Slips to cultivate more differentiation to their branding. Colored Compliment Slips are compliment slips that are printed using tinted colored papers. Most often, they’re light pastel colours such as grey, cream or ivory, but you can also use tinted papers such as light pink, light blue or whatever colour matches your brand.

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As paper enthusiasts, we carry a vast stock of colored papers that are suitable for compliment slip printing. These include the staple favourites of ivory, cream and light grey along with other light pastel colours. If you don’t need to write a message on your compliment slip, you can also use darker colours or even black paper! Black Paper Compliment Slips are becoming very cutting edge as brands push the envelope to make their stationery prominent. With the introduction of digital white ink printing alongside foil stamping, you can take advantage of Black Compliment Slips to mirror your Black Business Cards! Reach out to us with your artwork and print specs for a quick quote.

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