Digital white ink printing

White ink printing has swiftly gained popularity as one of the most favoured printing techniques in the industry. A distinctive appearance, particularly on coloured or dark papers, is achievable through this method, making it challenging to replicate using other approaches. To attain optimal results, careful planning and execution are imperative. In this blog post, we will explore the process of white ink printing, offer tips for achieving the best outcomes, highlight common errors to avoid, and showcase successful projects.

Understanding the White Ink Printing Process

The white ink printing process differs from standard CMYK printing as it utilises opaque white ink instead of transparent inks. Specialised printers capable of applying white ink to a substrate are employed in this process. Ensuring accurate calibration of the printer is vital when working with white ink.

The choice of printing material also plays a crucial role. Coloured or dark papers, kraft paper, and transparent media such as clear stickers are popular choices for white ink printing. Digital printers capable of accommodating various materials are typically used for this purpose.

Tips for Achieving the Best Results with White Ink Printing

Several tips can help you achieve optimal outcomes when using in white ink printing. Firstly, selecting a reputable printing company that can handle diverse materials and consistently produce white output is essential. Secondly, ensure correct file preparation by creating a separate layer for white ink in your design file. This guarantees precise placement and adequate opacity of the white ink on the chosen paper. If your intention is to solely print white, creating artwork in black (100% K) is recommended. However, if your design includes colour (CMYK) elements, a separate layer must be designated for white ink.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Printing with White Ink

One common mistake in white ink printing is selecting incompatible paper for the process. After Hours Creative offers specific ranges of coloured paper, such as Colorplan, Vanguard, and Sirio, which yield excellent results with white ink. Moreover, a special kraft paper is used to achieve superior white opacity on brown kraft paper. Lastly, for transparent media like clear stickers, we utilise designated papers that deliver outstanding results.

Despite its opacity, white ink is not suitable for every project. It necessitates smooth-finished paper. For projects involving dark black paper or rough, textured papers, white foil stamping is offered as an alternative to white ink printing. Some customers also opt for white gloss foil stamping on black to get a brighter white and more contrast with the black paper. Our knowledgeable team is readily available to advise you on the optimal approach based on your design.

Examples of Successful White Ink Printing Projects

White ink printing offers versatility and can be employed to create a wide array of products. Our studio frequently produces white ink business cards, invitations, wedding stationery, labels, stickers, posters, and tags. Printing on clear or transparent materials exemplifies a successful white ink printing project, resulting in a distinct aesthetic that is challenging to achieve using other methods.

White ink printing can also impart a unique and elegant touch to wedding invitations, particularly when applied to dark or coloured papers such as Colorplan. The combination of Colorplan and white ink produces a beautiful, understated, high-end finish. Another successful application of white ink printing is creating a metallic appearance. By printing white ink on a metallic substrate, a shimmering effect is achieved, adding depth and intrigue to your design.

Conclusion: The Benefits of Using White Ink Printing and How to Achieve Optimal Results

White ink printing serves as an excellent means to infuse depth, interest, and a distinctive look into your printing projects. With proper preparation, remarkable results can be attained, setting your project apart. Reach out to our team today to discuss your ideas or obtain a quick quote for a white ink printing project.