kraft board and cardstock

Introduction to Kraft Board and Cardstock

In the bustling world of business and event planning, the choice of paper material can significantly impact the overall presentation and perception of your brand or event. Two popular choices in this realm are kraft board and cardstock. Both offer unique qualities, especially when it comes to their look, finish, and their interaction with different printing techniques. This comparison, tailored for business owners and event planners, will delve into the nuances of these two materials, focusing on their aesthetic and functional differences.

Kraft board, known for its natural, rustic charm, has a distinctive brown color. This earthy tone lends itself well to brands or events that aim for an organic, eco-friendly vibe. Its texture and color can vary slightly due to its recycled material composition, which adds to its uniqueness. The durability of kraft board is another factor that makes it a popular choice, especially for products like business cards and packaging.

The global kraft paper market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period of 2023–2031. This growth is attributed to the versatility of kraft papers and the rising demand for customised products, alongside an increasing focus on greener alternatives.

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On the other hand, cardstock presents a more refined and versatile option. Its smooth surface and whiteness make it an excellent canvas for full-color digital printing. The bright white background of cardstock amplifies the vibrancy of colors, making images and text pop. This quality is particularly advantageous for businesses that use a wide color palette in their branding or for event stationery where visual impact is key.

When it comes to printing on these materials, each presents unique challenges and opportunities. Full-color printing on white cardstock is straightforward, with colors reproducing accurately and vividly. However, printing on kraft board requires a different approach. The brown background can significantly alter the appearance of colors. Here, white ink printing becomes invaluable. By laying down a layer of white ink before printing colors, it's possible to achieve a brightness and hue accuracy on kraft that would otherwise be impossible. This technique is especially relevant for lighter colors that need to stand out against the dark background of the kraft board.

A perfect example of expertise in this field is After Hours Creative Studio, renowned for our specialization in both kraft board and cardstock. We offer white ink printing on kraft board up to 700gsm, a testament to our dedication to quality and versatility in printing solutions.

Delving Deeper into Printing and Product Applications

The world of printing on kraft board and cardstock is not just about choosing a paper type; it's about creating an experience and a statement. Each material brings its unique characteristics to the table, influencing the final product's look and feel. This section will explore the specifics of printing on these materials, especially focusing on full-color digital printing on white cardstock and the innovative use of white ink on kraft board.

Full-Colour Digital Printing on White Cardstock

The process of full-color digital printing on white cardstock is a popular choice for creating vibrant and detailed prints. The white background of the cardstock serves as a blank canvas, ensuring that colors are reproduced with high fidelity and saturation. This method is ideal for designs that involve intricate details or a wide range of colors, such as branded business cards, promotional materials, and eye-catching invitations. The smooth finish of the cardstock allows for sharp, clear images and text, making every color pop and every detail noticeable.

White Ink Printing on Kraft Board

The natural, rustic look of kraft board poses a unique challenge when it comes to printing, especially for designs that require light or bright colors. This is where kraft white ink printing comes into play. By applying a base layer of white ink before printing the actual colors, it's possible to maintain the color integrity that would otherwise be lost on the brown background. This technique is crucial for achieving vibrant and accurate colors on kraft board. The end result is a striking contrast between the natural look of the kraft and the vividness of the printed colors, a combination that can make products stand out.

Product Applications: Business Cards, Invitations, and Wedding Stationery

Both kraft board and cardstock are incredibly versatile and can be used to create a wide range of products. Business cards printed on kraft board exude a sense of earthiness and authenticity, perfect for businesses aiming for an eco-friendly or artisanal image. Conversely, cardstock business cards can be more vibrant and impactful, suitable for companies looking to make a bold statement.

When it comes to invitations and wedding stationery, the choice between kraft and cardstock will significantly influence the aesthetic and feel of the event. Kraft invitations can create a warm, intimate vibe, ideal for rustic or bohemian-themed events. In contrast, cardstock invitations can be elegant and sophisticated, with a wide range of design possibilities thanks to the material's compatibility with full-color printing.

After Hours Creative Studio stands out for their proficiency in working with both kraft board and cardstock. Their expertise in white ink printing on kraft board, particularly for heavy weights up to 700gsm, demonstrates their commitment to quality and innovation in print design.

Making the Right Choice for Your Business or Event

Choosing between kraft board and cardstock is not just a matter of preference; it's about aligning the material with the message and image you want to convey. This final section will guide you through considering the key aspects to make the best choice for your business cards, invitations, and wedding stationery, and conclude with a reflective question to engage further thought.

Considerations for Business Cards

For business cards, the material choice can significantly influence the first impression. Kraft board business cards are ideal for businesses aiming for a natural, organic feel. They resonate with eco-conscious brands and those wanting to project a handcrafted or artisanal image. On the other hand, cardstock offers a sleek, professional look with the ability to showcase vibrant colors and detailed designs. This makes them suitable for businesses that want to make a bold, modern statement.

Choosing for Invitations and Wedding Stationery

When it comes to invitations and wedding stationery, the choice should reflect the event's theme and the couple's personality. Kraft board invitations can set the tone for a rustic, vintage, or bohemian-style event, offering a warm and earthy touch. Conversely, cardstock is versatile for creating a range of styles – from elegant and classic to modern and whimsical – thanks to its compatibility with vibrant colors and detailed prints.

After Hours Creative Studio: A Case in Point

After Hours Creative Studio exemplifies the art of printing on both kraft board and cardstock. Our expertise in white ink printing on kraft board up to 700gsm showcases our commitment to delivering high-quality, unique products. We are a prime example of how choosing the right material and printing technique can elevate the final product, whether it be for business cards, invitations, or wedding stationery.


In conclusion, whether you choose kraft board or cardstock, the key is to select a material that resonates with your brand's identity or your event's theme. Consider how the texture, color, and printing capabilities of each can enhance your design and message.

To further reflect on this, ask yourself: How can the choice of kraft board or cardstock align with and amplify the story and values of your brand or event?