Seed Paper Business Cards UK

Seed Paper


Market your brand with diversity and eco-friendly appeal with our plantable Seed Paper Business Cards. Our Seed Paper Business Cards are printed full colour on 280gsm wildflower seed paper which is proudly crafted in the UK. To ensure the protection and integrity of the seeds, we utilise heat free printing technology. The cards can be planted to grow into native wildflowers which benefit pollinators and insects with food from leaves, pollen, nectar, shelter and places to breed. Embrace an eco-conscious alternative to traditional business cards with our Seed Paper Business Cards. We can also print other products on seed paper such as invitations, swing tags, greeting cards and more.


How to Plant Seed Paper

We recommend soaking the seed paper overnight. Thereafter, the paper can then be planted with a thin layer of soil underneath and on top of the seed paper. Be sure to keep the soil moist at all times, because this will give the seeds the best chance of germination.

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Sustainment has become a pivotal philosophy for many businesses. There is a continual shift toward green stationery and printing coupled with a desire for environmentally friendly business staples, such as business cards. The appeal of wildflower seed paper is that wildflowers embody splashes of colour, attracting pollinators such as bees and butterflies, which are responsible for a large percentage of the food we eat. In addition, wildflowers also provide pollinators and insects with food from leaves, pollen, nectar, shelter and places to breed. Moreover, wildflowers have additional year-round benefits. Even when flowers aren't present, their root systems often extend deep into the soil, storing water and nutrients whilst holding on to carbon that would otherwise be released into the air. To pay reference to mother nature and ensure sustainment, we have implemented wildflower seed paper for our Plantable Business Card range. Also, we do offer poppy seed paper alongside wildflower seed paper, however, wildflower seeds offer the most benefits to the environment. Both papers are manufactured in the UK using up to 75% recycled paper fibres.


Our seed paper business cards are printed using water-based pigment inks and heat-free printing technology, so the seeds aren’t damaged, thus ensuring the best chance of germination. Our digital press achieves excellent ink coverage across the entire paper, so designs can be created normally in full colour, just as with printing on standard white paper.