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We’ve dubbed ourselves the ‘Paper Whisperers’ with our passion for distinct papers. This passion is unveiled with our vast assortment of Gmund Business Cards. Due to the wide range of customisation options we offer these cards are quoted based on your required specs. Our Gmund stocks include Gmund Action, Gmund Gold, Gmund Colours, Gmund Heidi, Gmund Urban and more.

gmund urban paper

Gmund Urban

A contemporary range of stocks, crafted from cement and wood that were Influenced by architecture, casting a fresh perspective on raw materials.

Ideal for: Business cards, invitations, note cards and greeting cards.

Print finishing: Foil stamping, embossing, foil embossing, debossing, duplexing, die-cutting.

AHC Tip! We suggest duplexing this stock to another board that is the same weight or similar, such as Colorplan. This option enables digital printing. Reach out to a friendly team member for more information!

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The Gmund Colours range include several different finishes such as matt, felt and metallic. We love working with these papers. The finishes are unrivalled, and they create superb results with our in-house printing and foil stamping options. Gmund Felt Business Cards can be crafted using any of the 9 classic colours available, which have an authentic tactile finish. Felt colours can be duplexed to create two tone business cards, or we can duplex the same colour to create a thicker Gmund Felt Business Card. Gmund Felt can also be die cut, embossed and edge gilded. If Gmund Business Card using Felt is your calling, please reach out to our friendly team for a quote.


Gmund is renowned for its colored papers with distinct finishing. They can be further customised by mixing and matching duplexed stocks such as bonding a gmund urban stock to a stock such as colorplan. Our clients will often do this so they can have their contact details digitally printed and their logo foil stamped on a gmund paper that isn't suitable for digital printing. With so many options we are well placed to craft a distinct and truly memorable gmund business card.


With the vast choices of colours and finishes in the Gmund range, we often undertake requests to produce Custom Gmund Business Cards. Many times, these custom cards entail using white ink, foil stamping, edge gilding or a combination of our in-house finishing options. Our production facilities enable us to mix and match Gmund stocks, by gluing them back to back to create truly Custom Gmund Business Cards. These resources give you creative play with the Gmund paper range. If you’d like to undertake a Custom Gmund Business Card project, please reach out to our friendly team with your artwork, to discuss options.