How does white ink printing on kraft paper work?

How does white ink printing on kraft paper work?

White ink printing on kraft paper is a unique and beautiful printing technique that involves using a specialised printer and white ink to create a bright and opaque design on brown kraft paper.

The process of white ink printing on kraft paper involves several steps:

Pre-treatment: The kraft paper is pre-treated with a specialised finish that helps the white ink adhere to the surface of the paper and prevent bleeding.

Printing: The design is printed onto the kraft paper using a specialised printer that is capable of printing with white ink. The printer lays down a layer of white ink onto the paper, followed by the coloured inks if they are also part of the design. Standalone white ink can be used, or we can print with a combination of white and black or white and colour. Our team will assess the file and set it up to run white underneath lighter colours. All we need is your design set up with a transparent background such a PSD, PNG or AI vector file.

Finishing: After the kraft paper is printed, it can be further processed to add additional effects such as foil blocking, embossing, edge gilding or die cutting.

Opting for the distinctive allure of white ink printing on kraft paper has emerged as a favoured selection amongst discerning businesses and individuals seeking to unleash their creativity on an environmentally conscious canvas. The opaque white ink stands out against the brown kraft paper, creating a bold and high-contrast design that is sure to grab attention. This captivating printing technique finds its cherished place adorning an array of coveted products, encompassing the likes of business cards, invitations, note cards, greeting cards, and an array of other printed materials. Our white ink printing is also suitable for other papers such as coloured, black, vellum paper and transparent media like stickers.