Need a quote for an embossing project?



Elevate your print with three dimensional raised design elements.


Embossing involves using a metal die, combined with a counterforce, which results in a design element being pushed through the card stock. The surface of the paper will have a raised (embossed) impression, whilst the other side will have a reversed debossed (pushed in) impression. Embossing can be combined with foil stamping, to add an accent of colour or carried out without any colours for a 'blind' embossed impression. When creating your artwork for embossing, make sure you allow for space on the reverse of the design because both sides will be affected. It is possible to duplex papers after embossing to hide the reverse impression but it does increase the time and cost of the project.


Similar to foiling stamping, the cost for embossing is determined by the size of the area that will be embossed. You will need to either supply your artwork at the final size for printing along with your quote request or determine your foil stamping/emboss area size and supply the measurements with your quote request. This will allow our team to work out the cost of the embossing die and counterforce, so we can provide a quote. Blind embossing, which is a raised impression with no colour, is not as expensive as embossing with foil. Embossing with foil often requires a fluted brass die which can apply foil and create an embossed finish in one pass. This type of die is more expensive; however, it produces the highest quality foil embossed finish.


The images on this page show embossing examples our team have produced. You will notice from the images that very thin/fine lines and small fonts do not emboss particularly well, whereas, chunkier/wider areas have a much more prominent raised finish. We always recommend avoiding intricate designs and small fonts for embossing projects. Larger fonts and more solid designs will produce better results. If you have a design with small fonts or intricate details, then we often recommend debossing as an alternative option. Debossing achieves good results with these types of designs.