Why kraft paper is an eco-friendly choice for printing

Kraft paper is considered eco-friendly because of the way it is made and its biodegradability. Below are some of the reasons why kraft paper is considered an environmentally friendly option:

Unbleached and Chemical-Free

Kraft paper is crafted from unbleached wood pulp, devoid of harmful substances like chlorine or bleach. This absence of chemicals minimises pollution associated with conventional papermaking methods, mitigating the environmental impact. Additionally, it's this very characteristic that imparts the distinctive brown hue to kraft paper. At our print studio, we possess the capability to print white ink on kraft, harmonizing with the paper's natural color and facilitating opaque light-colored printing.

Sustainable Material

The wood pulp utilized in the production of kraft paper primarily originates from responsibly managed forests, often bearing the FSC certification. This signifies that trees are harvested in a manner that fosters regrowth rather than clear-cutting, preserving the health and biodiversity of forest ecosystems.


Kraft paper boasts 100% biodegradability, ensuring ease of recycling, composting, or safe disposal in landfills without detrimental effects on the environment. Contrary to popular misconception, kraft paper adorned with metallic or pigment foils for stamping can still be recycled or composted.

Lower Carbon Footprint

The manufacturing process of kraft paper consumes less energy and water compared to traditional papermaking techniques. It is this reduction in both energy and water usage that contributes to a lower carbon footprint, which in turn minimises the overall impact of the production of paper on the environment.

Ultimately, kraft paper stands out as an environmentally conscious selection due to its utilization of sustainable and renewable materials, absence of detrimental chemicals, biodegradable nature, recyclability, and reduced energy and water usage throughout the manufacturing process. These commendable attributes have made kraft paper a popular preference for environmentally conscious individuals, brands, and businesses seeking to diminish their ecological footprint. At AHC, we offer an extensive selection of sustainable and eco-friendly papers, regularly producing kraft business cards, kraft invitations, and more. Furthermore, our range encompasses 100% pre and post-consumer waste recycled papers, as well as papers crafted partially from grass, wheat, cannabis, and repurposed coffee cups, all aimed at conserving resources. Feel free to engage our friendly team to explore the world of kraft paper and other sustainable options tailored for your printing needs.