foil area size

Maximum foil blocking area

The prices for foil stamping on our website cover an area of 50 square centimetres or 8 square inches, which is ideal for a foil logo.

If your artwork has a larger area for foil blocking, please reach out to us with your artwork or foil area size for a quote. The cost will be determined by the coverage area and die/plate size required. You can submit an enquiry request via the help desk area in your account or via our contact page. A friendly team member will send you a quote as soon as possible!

How to work out your foil size area

We measure and price foil stamping dies in square centimetres. All you need to do is measure the height and width of your foil stamping are and multiply them. The 50sq cm die size allows for sizes such as 13cm x 3.8cm for a wide logo or 7cm x 7cm for a square size as shown in the images. For more information check out our how to determine your foil area size blog post or reach out to our friendly team for advice.

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