Colour burst! With 35 contemporary colours to choose from, Senses Paper is the perfect choice for premium business cards. Unlike other coloured paper and boards, Senses offers unrivalled smoothness for elite results with digital printing, white ink, foil stamping and embossing.

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Senses coloured paper is the ideal choice for passionate creatives and brands seeking to delivery premium results with their business cards and stationery. Our Senses Creative Business Cards have numerous finishing options such as foil stamping, white ink printing and duplexing. With the unrivalled smoothness of Senses papers, it is also ideal for digital printing with a white underpin. This allows for lighter colours to be printed on any colour of Senses paper. Printing full colour with CMYK inks on coloured paper changes the colour of the inks. By printing white toner underneath colour inks, you can have full colour logos and designs on any Senses paper colour. This sets the pace for creativity with Senses Business Cards.


Similar to our Colorplan and Vanguard ranges, Senses is an immensely popular coloured paper. All the coloured papers in our ranges, including Senses, can be duplexed. When Senses Duplex Business Cards are produced, we take two sheets of paper and glue them back to back. These sheets can be digitally printed and/or foil stamped. When duplexing the stock, you can select between having the same colour for both sheets or having two different colours. Two different colours will create the highly desired duotone edges, which are a unique benefit of working with coloured papers. Senses Duplex Business Cards are 500gsm, made up of two sheets of 250gsm. Further, we also offer Bespoke Senses Business Cards with optional die cutting and embossing upon request.


If you’re considering a thicker business card or maybe even a Coloured Core Business Card for colour ‘pop’, our Senses Triplex Business Cards are the perfect fit. The 35 colours in the Senses range encompass a myriad of colour options: Whether it’s a coloured core or select three different colours for the top, middle and bottom layers. With the facility to print white plus white underneath colour, the possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting card colours combined with digital printing. In addition to this, Senses paper is fantastic for foil stamping as well, due to the smoothness of the paper. It can also be debossed, mimicking that much sought-after letterpress style indented finish when its foil stamped.

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