What are colorplan business cards?

Colorplan business cards are business cards that are crafted using GF Smith’s iconic Colorplan paper range. Every fibre of Colorplan paper is dyed a specific colour which means the paper has edges that match the surface colour. There are currently 54 paper colours in the Colorplan range from deeply saturated colours to pastel colours. Most standard business cards are produced with white card and then printed whichever colours you have used in your design. Colorplan business cards are different because you are starting with coloured papers. Starting with a coloured paper immediately gives your business cards a premium look and feel.

At our print studio we use Colorplan on a daily basis to create a wide range of products including Colorplan business cards, invitations, letterheads, compliment slips, greeting cards, labels and so much more.

Colorplan printing, hot foil blocking and embossing

Colorplan paper is incredibly versatile and offers a wide range of printing and finishing options. It can be digitally printed when a special coating is applied to the paper, this also includes digital printing of opaque white ink which is especially useful when you’re starting with a coloured paper. Digital white ink printing on Colorplan is very cost effective and produces great results. Our studio is also equipped with adhesive machines which allow us to duplex (bond/glue) Colorplan papers back-to-back. Duplexing is a popular option for Colorplan business cards and invitations because it allows us to digitally printing Colorplan papers and then bond/glue them with another sheet of colorplan. The duplexed stock can then be embossed, or hot foil stamped to further enhance your print media. If you’d like to emboss or foil emboss Colorplan papers, we can also duplex the stock after to hide the reverse indentation caused by the embossing process.

Hot foil stamping Colorplan papers is one of our favourite processes. Foil + Colorplan is a winning combination regardless of whether you’re using a simple black or white gloss foil, one of the gorgeous metallic colours or even a pearlescent or holographic foil. The combinations are limitless, and you’re only held back by your imagination.

Are there alternatives to Colorplan?

Absolutely! Although 54 colours are a great selection to choose from, sometimes clients require a colour that isn’t available. This is where other coloured paper ranges come in. At AHC we use the Vanguard range from James Cropper, as well as the Senses paper range, Gmund Matt Colours and Sirio from Fedrigoni. This means there are 200+ paper colours to choose from! Our studio has swatch books for all the paper ranges so you can easily reach out to our team if you’re looking for a specific-coloured paper. We know the paper ranges well and can advise on the best matches and the available finishing options.