Brown Kraft Business Card Printing Options

Our brown kraft business cards are printed on traditional kraft card and can be customised with a huge range of print finishing options. There are very few companies that offer such a wide range of options when it comes to working with brown kraft card stock which is why they are one of our specialties. We ship our kraft business cards all over the world.

Printing on brown kraft card

Because kraft card stock is brown it can affect the colours of your design. The most noticeable differences are when your design uses colours that are lighter than the brown colour of the card. Our studio is equipped with digital white ink which can be printed underneath colour ink in your design so they are true to life and 'pop' against the brown kraft card. We can also print standalone digital white ink too. Another popular option with our clients is to print designs using a combination of black ink and white ink on kraft. We recommend creating your design in either Photoshop (with a transparent background) or in Illustrator (vector format) in the same way you would create a design for printing on white card. You can then email the design to our artwork team and they will add a spot channel for white ink. We run more white underneath light colours such as yellow and less under darker colours. This creates the best end result and creates a really eye-catching business card.

Embossed Kraft Business Cards

If you are looking for an embossed kraft card you've come to the right place! Our team have a combined 20+ years experience with embossing and foil stamping. We know exactly which colours and grades of foil work and how to achieve the best results. We can even combine white ink printing with embossing or foil stamping to create truly memorable embossed kraft business cards! Embossing requires a counterforce which will press your design through from the back of the card so that it is raised on the surface of the card. Thick kraft business cards

Thick Kraft Business Cards

Our studio is equipped with both hot and cold gluing machines which allows us to duplex/glue two or more sheets of brown kraft card stock together. This allows us to create thick 700gsm kraft business cards (2 sheets of 350gsm bonded together) or 1050gsm ultra thick kraft business cards (3 x 350gsm). Our thick kraft cards can be printed, printed with white ink, foil stamped, embossed and edge gilded.

If you’re looking for a brown kraft business card reach out to our team and we’ll send some samples of different cards out to you. We can also produces kraft invitations, postcards, brochure covers, swing tags and much more.