Letterheads are printed sheets of paper that contain your company logo and contact information. They can be as simple or as luxurious as you want depending on how you want your brand to be portrayed. You can then overprint your letter using your office printer prior to mailing it out.

Envelopes are designed to hold your letterhead or other correspondence while it is mailed out. Much like letterheads, you can use a simple blank envelope or your can have your envelope printed with your company logo and/or contact information. Many of our customers utilise printed envelopes as a way to look more professional and also add additional brand exposure. Logos can be quickly and easily digitally printed on both envelopes and letterheads. Our studio also has the facility to produce high-end letterheads and envelopes with embossing and/or foil stamping, as well as using coloured papers to create envelopes to make your mail stand out and get noticed.

Different ways to create letterheads

There are two popular ways to create letterheads. The easiest is to order in printed letterheads, type your letter in Microsoft word and then put the printed letterhead in your office printer. You can then print your letter on the page and you will have a finished professional looking letterhead. Some people choose to create a Word template and print their letter along with their logo and contact details at the same time on their office printer. This can be a better option if you’re only sending a handful of letters, however if you are sending letters often, or in volume, then it will work out cheaper to order in pre-printed letterheads to reduce your paper and ink costs. If you’re looking for something a bit more special, our studio offers a range of luxury letterheads with your logo foil stamped with a range of metallic foils, you an even get your logo embossed. Our foil blocked letterheads range is popular with clients that have premium brands.

Envelope sizes and how to add your letterheads

Envelopes come in a range of sizes with the most popular either holding a full letterhead without folding it, a letterhead folded in half or a letterhead folded into thirds. Recipient addresses can either be written on, printed on a separate label which is then attached to the envelope or your envelope can have a see through window. Providing your position the recipient’s address in the correct place on your letter it will show through the window and look more professional than handwriting it. If you have a lot of letters to send out then you can send a CSV file of addresses and your printer will be able to print each address directly onto each envelope. Some printers even offer mailing services and can handle the whole service for you, leaving your time free to focus on your business.

To surmise, the main difference between letterheads and envelopes is that letterheads contain your correspondence while envelopes are designed to hold that correspondence as it makes its way to your recipient.