Colorplan Letterheads


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Colorplan letterhead with foil
Colorplan letterhead with foil

Everyone seems to have white colour letterheads. If you're seeking to attain brand distinction, explore colour diversification with Colorplan letterheads. Colorplan letterheads can be customised with digital printing, white ink, embossing and foil blocking. A dazzling additive to your marketing media!

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Please ensure that you/your designer follow the artwork guidelines set out in our File Setup Guide. We have also included blank templates below, to help you create your artwork.

IMPORTANT: Files supplied for foil stamping must be supplied in vector format. They can be sent to us as Adobe Illustrator files or as PDF files, but the artwork must have been created as vector art using vector editing tools (not JPEGs placed in Illustrator and saved as an .Ai or .EPS file). Only artwork originally created in a vector editing program, such as Adobe Illustrator, is truly vector art.


A4 Portrait

Illustrator Template PDF Template Photoshop Template

For further information on file setup, please click on the purple button.

File Setup Guide

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Combine white ink with foil stamping for unique letterheads. Just remember to allow for around 1-2mm misregistration between ink printing and foil stamping, as they are separate processes.


Choose white stock to be flood printed in a solid colour. Our Colorplan letterheads are digitally printed, so choosing white stock and printing in a solid colour can result in banding and streaking. Instead, utilise the vibrant colours available in the different stock ranges. If you want a full colour printed letterheads, please see our "Printed Letterhead Range.'

For more information, please see the 'Foil and Ink Registration' tab in our File Setup Guide.


All foil stamping is carried out in-house at After Hours Creative. We apply foil effects using an etched metal die/plate and a combination of heat and pressure to press the foil in to the stock. This foil stamping process creates a slight indentation in the stock during the foil application. The amount of indentation is carried out at the discretion of the foil technician. Too much of an impression can cause the foil to bleed around the edges or create filling in between foil elements. Our priority is always achieving the highest quality foil print.

Ready for some rich and vibrant colour inspiration? Check out the colours available in the colorplan range.