compostable stamping foils

We are excited to share news regarding the stamping foils we use. A recent study conducted by Foilco, our supplier of stamping foils, has demonstrated that their foils can be composted, and they even have the potential to enhance seed germination. This is a significant milestone in the journey towards establishing foil's sustainability credentials and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Composting is a controlled degradation process that transforms organic materials into stable organic fertiliser. Compostable materials, like Foilco's stamping foils, contribute valuable nutrients to the soil when they break down. The European Union defines compostability standards in the EN 13432 guidelines, which outline the speed and extent of biodegradation under industrial composting conditions. Composting plays a crucial role in helping local authorities and businesses meet waste diversion and recovery rate targets, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

As the first foil company to join the Zero Foil 2 Landfill Scheme, Foilco has always been at the forefront of sustainability. In collaboration with Intertek, they conducted a composting test to verify the compostability of their stamping foils. The test evaluated two of their most popular foils - a pigment foil and a metallic foil - printed on coated 300gsm card stock. It assessed key characteristics such as biodegradability, disintegration during biological treatment, the effect on the treatment process, and the resulting compost's quality.

Foilco's stamping foils passed the test with flying colors. After 12 weeks, less than 10% of the foils remained, well below the maximum allowed. Additionally, over 90% of the organic carbon from the foils converted to carbon dioxide within 180 days, meeting the guidelines' requirements. Remarkably, the compost samples containing the foils did not adversely affect seedling emergence or growth. In some instances, they even exhibited slightly better root and shoot growth rates compared to the control sample.

These results showcase the compostability of Foilco's stamping foils, emphasising their ability to nourish the soil and enhance seed germination.

Embrace Sustainability with After Hours Creative and Compostable Stamping Foils

At After Hours Creative, we are dedicated to sustainability, demonstrated through our active involvement in the Zero Foil 2 Landfill Scheme in partnership with Foilco. Our mission is to educate and highlight the advantages of foil as a decorative finish while encouraging responsible and eco-conscious decisions. We firmly believe in establishing a greener future and empowering individuals to make environmentally friendly choices. By choosing Foilco's compostable stamping foils for your foil stamping project, you are not only embracing an innovative and aesthetically pleasing solution for your projects but also contributing to waste reduction and environmental preservation.

Together, let's create a brighter and greener future, one compostable foil at a time.