Printed Spot UV Proof

Reliable colour proofs for approval prior to production. Due to the high definition finish of this particular spot UV, your printed proof will include spot UV, so you can check to see if your design is how you envisioned it.

Colours seen on screen do not always match colours that are printed. This is due to two reasons. The first is that, we have no way to account for variations in calibration of the device/monitor you're using to view the files. Second, the colours shown on your screen are generated from a combination of Red, Green and Blue (RGB colour format), and those same colours when printed are created using a combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK colour format). Bright vibrant colours will be most affected, which is why we recommend setting your design software in CMYK colour format, before you begin creating your artwork. Files supplied in RGB colour format will be converted on our end to CMYK. If you are concerned about colour reproduction for your order, we recommend adding a printed colour proof to your order. This colour proof is also useful if you are trying to match a pantone colour. It is important to note that, a printed proof isn't a completed sample of the product you are ordering, it is purely for colour approval. The printed proof will come on a sheet and once colour approved by you, it will be used to ensure the actual production run is a very close match. In short, it ensures accurate simulations of the colours that will actually be printed for your order.

PLEASE NOTE: Adding a printed proof will add 2-3 days to the production time of your order, while the proof is processed and sent out to you for approval. The production time for your order will start from the day you approve the colour proof.