Spot UV Invitations

Dare to be different! Spot UV applies a high gloss finish to an area of your design for exceptional visibility.
Use this unique finish on your invitations, which are produced 450gsm and finished with matt lamination.

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When your guest opens the envelope to your next event, draw their eyes in with Spot UV Invitations. A special shiny coating is applied to areas of your artwork, brightening the ink work and adding a unique texture. Many people love to run their fingers over the raised area on spot UV. Spot UV Invitations will appeal visually to your audience and their sense of touch. We offer various sizes, with digital full color printing on a premium, thick 450gsm silk board, finished with your choice of matt or soft touch laminate. Think outside the box for your invitation needs, with this distinct line. If you’re not familiar with Spot UV Invitations, please reach out to our friendly team to arrange for free samples. We’re very confident that you’ll fall in love with this special effect!


If you’re scratching your head, trying to think of a cost-effective and distinct additive to your wedding stationery, look no further than Spot UV Wedding Invitations. The simple finish of spot UV on certain areas of your artwork, will instantaneously visually bolster the invitation. We apply a high gloss finish on the specified area(s) of your artwork, which can have a slightly raised finish or be flat. Consider what portions of the artwork for Invitations Spot UV, you want your audience to focus on. We suggest important pieces like the couple’s name, the couple’s initials, a couple’s logo or the date. Spot UV effects work the best on small sections of the artwork. What’s more, this unique finish doesn’t cost a lot on Spot UV Wedding Invitations. Finally, for an added layer of protection, select from matt or soft touch lamination to further preserve the memories of your special day!


Spread more joy and love for a family member or friend by adding a special touch to a birthday invitation. Showcase the person’s first name, birth date or age milestone with Spot UV Birthday Invitations. These pieces will have a shiny coating applied in production process, so they become the focal point of the invitation. Spot UV Birthday Invitations create that personal touch to show you really care and will be broadcast to everyone that you invite. If you have artwork available for Spot UV Birthday Invitations or if you need professional guidance for your project, please reach out to us. We’ll gladly assist you!


Pearl’s promotion, a special open house to exhibit a new space, the annual Christmas party. These are just some examples of commonplace business events, many of which will require a formal invitation. Spot UV Business Event Invitations will welcome your guests and promote your message with edgy impact. If your event includes some important guests or high ranking members of Management, foil stamping can be applied to visually bolster Spot UV Business Event Invitations. Foil stamping ideally should be on the same side as the spot UV, for the best results. We stock 15 beautiful metallic foil colors to choose from. Highlight the company name, years in business, tag line or logo. Give them something to talk about at your event with Spot UV Business Event Invitations. We can craft your needed invitations, so you can focus on other things! Reach out to our friendly team for a quick quote!