IMPORTANT: Files supplied for foil stamping or spot UV must be supplied in vector format. They can be sent to us as Adobe Illustrator files or as PDF files, but the artwork must have been created as vector art using vector editing tools (not JPEGs placed in Illustrator and saved as an .Ai or .EPS file). Only artwork originally created in a vector editing program, such as Adobe Illustrator, is truly vector art.


PDF files are our preferred file format. You can export PDFs from nearly all design software as well as from MS Office. When exporting as a PDF for general printing, please ensure all images have an original resolution of 300dpi and 3mm bleed. Your file should also be created in CMYK colour space. If you are exporting as a PDF for foil blocking, your artwork must be created in vector based software such as Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer.


When supplying EPS files, make sure that all fonts are embedded or outlined and that you include document thumbnails. All files should also be in CMYK colour mode and have 3mm bleed applied. EPS files are vector based and can be scaled infinitely, without any loss of quality of fidelity. This makes them ideal for foil blocking, however, just because a file is saved in one of these formats, does not mean that it is truly vector art. Sometimes, people open raster files in vector software such as, Adobe Illustrator and re-save the file in a vector format, without recreating the art using the vector editing tools. Only art originally created in a vector editing program, such as Adobe Illustrator, is truly vector art.


By default, each time you save and reopen a JPEG, the quality reduces. If you are sending us a JPEG, please ensure you select MAXIMUM quality. JPEG/TIFF files for general full colour printing should be 300dpi. We are unable to accept JPEG or TIFF files for foil stamping or spot UV. JPEG and TIFF files must be recreated as vector files first.


We are able to work with PSD files. Please ensure all layers are named accordingly and that the resolution is set to 300dpi for general full colour printing. 3mm bleed must also be included and the Photoshop document should be set to CMYK colour mode.


If you are supplying Ai files, please ensure that all images are embedded (you will be prompted when importing images) and all type is converted to outlines (select all type, then choose the Type menu at the top of the screen and select Create Outlines). We recommend saving a backup copy of your Illustrator file before converting text to outlines, because it will make the text in your original file uneditable if you save it. Please also ensure that, the document is in CMYK colour mode and has all relevant bleeds. You can set up your artwork on different layers (named accordingly) or as separate art boards.


We do not accept Microsoft Office files. Please convert your MS Office documents to PDF files.