1. New Product: Holographic Business Cards

    New Product: Holographic Business Cards

    After receiving a lot of requests for holographic business cards with almost full coverage of holographic foil stamping, which can be expensive to produce, we have added a brand-new holographic card stock to our range. This rainbow iridescent card stock changes colour in the light and has a unique coating on the surface which allows us to print full colour designs.

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  2. Benefits of Backpack Advertising Kits

    Benefits of Backpack Advertising Kits

    Backpack advertising kits are an ideal portable display system for advertising events and offers, or for promoting your general marketing message while on the move. Backpack advertising kits consist of a special backpack, a sectional flag pole and a knitted polyester flag printed with your design. The backpacks can be reused and we are also able to supply the printed flags separately, enabling you to advertise different events and promotions without having to purchase a new backpack advertising kit each time. 

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  3. My logo resolution is too low for printing - What can I do?

    My logo resolution is too low for printing - What can I do?

    Many people contact us having been told their logo resolution is too low for printing, spot UV or foil stamping, or that the logo file is not the correct format. Every professional logo designer will supply you with your logo in various formats including a PDF, a high resolution JPEG, a PNG with a transparent background, a vector file and possibly a layered Photoshop file. Vector files are the most important, because they can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. They are the file format required for signage, vehicle livery, large format printing, as well as, print finishing effects such as foil stamping and spot UV. Vector files will have an .AI or .EPS file extension. If you've had your logo designed by a professional designer, make sure you ask for all of these file formats once the logo is completed and signed off. You will be asked for them as you move forward with your business and it will save you time and money having to have them recreated further down the line.

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  4. How to capture customer's attention online

    How to capture customer's attention online

    A common battle we all face in the business world is capturing and holding a potential client’s interest online. The technological age has bombarded society with information overload and the next page of information is only a click away. Trying to discern what will be inviting and engaging to a client can be difficult. It is a common theme many business owners contend with when dealing with an online presence. Injecting brand awareness that is unique and eliciting a response are the pivotal keys for sparking engagement.

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  5. 12 Habits of successful business owners and entrepreneurs

    12 Habits of successful business owners and entrepreneurs

    Like many other business owners, I strive to be the very best at what I do. I immerse myself in finding ways to improve my business strategies, enhance my client base and deliver a superior service. After all, my business is my livelihood as it is for millions of other small business owners. With that in mind, you may be asking yourself, "Is there something else I could be doing to enhance my business performance?" We live in a world where we constantly learn. One of the ways we can benefit is not to be afraid to observe and ask questions, especially other small business owners. Below are 12 habits of independently owned brands and their business habits:

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  6. 25 Low Cost Marketing Ideas For Your Business

    25 Low Cost Marketing Ideas For Your Business

    In need of some fresh marketing ideas to boost your business? Here are 25 ideas ranging from low cost to absolutely free! Some you may not have thought of before so dive in and give your business a boost!

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