Raised Digital Foil Business Cards

Unleash creativity with our Raised Digital Foil Business Cards which are printed utilising a special process that entails applying digital foil effects on top of raised spot UV. Raised foil effects can be added to one side or both sides, and you can choose from metallic gold, silver, red, blue or green colours.

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Are you wondering how to order a Black Business Card with raised gold foil? It's really easy with our Raised Foil Business Cards. These cards are produced by printing the card stock, then applying either a matte or velvet laminate finish to protect the surface and also nicely compliments the raised gold foil. Afterwards, we apply spot UV on top of your chosen laminate and run the cards through to apply the raised gold foil effect. Our Art Team will require a print file, which can be solid black, and a second file with everything you want in raised gold foil also in black. At the end of the process, the result will be gorgeous Black Business Cards with raised gold foil. Our recommendation for good black colouration is to use a CMYK split of 20% Cyan, Magenta and Yellow and 100% Black. Our professional Art Team can help you set this up if you're unsure. The back of your card be printed, however, you'd like or you can have raised gold foil on the back too!


We have more than gold as a selection, this range can also be customised to create Raised Silver Foil Business Cards. Simply select silver as your chosen foil colour and upload a full colour print file, along with a separate file with your artwork for raised silver foil in solid black. We'll print your business card and apply the silver foil effects. Raised silver foil effects can be applied on top of full colour images, or you can choose to have your card printed a solid colours. The options are limitless. Raised silver foiling can also be added to both sides of your business card, which is a unique feature of this product.


Our Raised Foil Business Cards are customisable to suit different variations. You have a limitless combination of full colour printing combined with raised digital foil effects in 5 different metallic colours including gold, silver, red green and blue. Conjure some out of the box thinking and creativity, to create a vast range of Custom Raised Digital Foil Business Cards. However, if you are unable to achieve the effect you're looking for with this range of business cards, we can also custom create Raised Hot Foil Stamped Business Cards by using embossing, which opens the door to an even wider range of foil colours and finishes. Reach out to our friendly team if you can't see what you're looking for, and we'll do our best to assist you.


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