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Our Colorplan Business Card range incorporates all 54 Colorplan colours from GF Smith, including new additions Hot Pink, Rust, Slate and Chartreuse. Printing and print finishing options include digital printing, digital white ink printing, foil blocking, die cutting and foil edge gilding. Furthermore, we can craft beautiful thick Colorplan cards with duplexing and triplexing services, which are done in-house. Due to high demand, we stock many of the Colorplan colours, enabling us to offer short runs of 100 cards with foiling and printing at affordable prices, as well as, extending generous discounts on multi-name sets. All of our colorplan business cards are produced on site and shipped worldwide.

Colorplan Range

The iconic British paper is renown as an iconic range featuring 54 saturated, vibrant colour selections that have been perfected and refined over 80 years.

Ideal for: Business cards plus invitations, note cards and greeting cards.

Print finishing: Digital printing (270/540gsm only), digital white ink printing (270/540gsm only), foil stamping, embossing, foil embossing, debossing, duplexing, triplexing, die-cutting.

AHC Note: We only offer CMYK or digital white ink printing on Colorplan 270/540gsm. We regret that we are unable to offer digital printing on 350gsm or 700gsm.


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Our Colorplan Business Cards is one of our most popular ranges, therefore, we decided purchase the most sought after Colorplan card colours in bulk. These colours are pre-duplexed to 700gsm and ready to be foil stamped. We pass this saving on to you, with our Colorplan Special Offers Business Cards on 700gsm card, so if you're looking for a premium, foil stamped Colorplan Business Card, explore this range! If you don’t see the colour you'd like, please reach out to us and let us know what you’re looking for. Since our production team utilises Colorplan stock daily, we have surplus Colorplan card stock.

Alongside our Pre-duplexed Range, we offer a large variety of Colorplan Duplex Business Cards that are duplexed with your chosen colours. Duplexing refers to gluing two sheets of Colorplan paper back to back to create a thicker sheet. Typically, this is done with two layers of 270gsm to create 540gsm card or two layers of 350gsm to create 700gsm card. The glued sheets can be the same colour or two different colours. Be inspired and expressive, with 54 colours to choose from, this creates a multitude of beautiful colour combinations! Couple vibrant stock colours with our finishing services such as foil stamping, white ink, edge gilding, embossing and die cutting, you’ll find great versatility when we produce our Colorplan Duplex Business Cards.


Colorplan is an iconic collection of premium quality uncoated paper and boards with an unrivalled range of deeply saturated colours which serve as a hallmark to the Colorplan brand. Colours such as Hot Pink and Factory Yellow can be used to craft Colorplan Business Cards that make a showstopping statement. An ideal example of a Factory Yellow Colored Business Card is our main product image on our FOIL ONLY COLORPLAN DUPLEX BUSINESS CARDS 700GSM. Combining the Factory Yellow Card and foil blocked and debossed gloss black foil casts a bold, visually elevating experience. This is one of the great benefits of using Colorplan. We have even produced Factory Yellow Colored Business Cards with gloss black edge gilding! Some other Colorplan card colours that create striking business cards are Hot Pink, Slate, Tabriz Blue and Bright Red. Perhaps boldness isn’t really your style? There are other considerations for your Colorplan Business Cards, like neutral tones; Stone, Pistachio, Harvest, Smoke, a range of whites and light greys, which produce stunning results when combined with digital printing and/or foil stamping. We offer one of the largest ranges of Colored Colorplan Business cards online, however, if you can't find what you want, please reach out to us for a quote.


Due to increased requests, Factory Yellow Colorplan Business Cards have now been added to our Special Offer Range. Initially, Factory Yellow was not included in the stock colour selections, as we focused on more neutral colours, however, Factory Yellow is now included in the Colorplan color selections! Please keep in mind, that the Foil Colorplan Factory Business Cards are produced with foil stamping only. Due to the stock being pre-duplexed, it’s too thick for digital printing. Foil stamping is available in black, white, matt gold, matt silver, holographic and a vast range of metallic colours such as gold, silver, rose gold, bronze, copper orange, hot pink, red, green, blue etc. If you don’t see the foil colour you'd like, or if you're looking for a Factory Yellow Colorplan Foil Business Card that also has digital printing or just digital printing, then reach out to our friendly team for a quote.


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