Benefits of Backpack Advertising Kits

Backpack advertising kits are an ideal portable display system for advertising events and offers, or for promoting your general marketing message while on the move.

What's included in a backpack advertising kit?

Backpack advertising kits consist of a special backpack, a sectional flag pole and a knitted polyester flag printed with your design. The backpacks can be reused and we are also able to supply the printed flags separately, enabling you to advertise different events and promotions without having to purchase a new backpack advertising kit each time. Flags are printed single-sided as standard, with the reverse side as show-through. We can also print flags double-sided on request. This involves us printing two separate polyester prints, adding a layer of light-block PVC between them and fixing them together.

What are they used for?

Backpack advertising kits can be quickly and easily assembled at a moment's notice, making them ideal for quick promotions. They are also portable, which means both you and your marketing message are constantly on the move. Backpack advertising kits can be worn by anyone. Some common uses include using them at events to help people find event organisers or people from a specific booth or company. They can also be worn in populated areas near a company premises to help promote a specific offer for that particular day. This helps increase footfall through doors. They can also be used at existing events to promote details of up and coming future events. There are many uses for backpack advertising kits that can deliver a fantastic return on investment.

Backpack advertising kit artwork

The area on a backpack flag isn't huge, the person wearing it will also be on the move, so it's best to keep the message short and simple. The idea is to get people to approach you, at which point, you can hand them a flyer, coupon or brochure with further information. This approach reduces paper wastage and helps keep the environment free of unnecessary litter. Many times at events, people are inundated with flyers and information being handed to them. As a result, many people drop the flyers. People who have an interest in your literature will approach you upon seeing the backpack advert.

We recommend designing your flag in Adobe Illustrator (or a similar program), which allows you to create a vector based design which will ensure great print quality.

What shapes are available?

There are two styles of backpack advertising flag shapes available, the teardrop flag and the rectangular flag. You can download a template if you want to design your flag yourself. If you'd like us to design it, contact one of our friendly team on 0116 240 3651 or use our online Contact form.