White Ink Waterslide Decals A4 Sheets


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White Ink Waterslide Decals A4 Sheets
White Ink Waterslide Decals A4 Sheets

Using revolutionary digital white ink technology, our waterslide decals can be printed full colour, with white ink underneath, ensuring they stay opaque with vibrant colours for use on any coloured surface. White ink can be printed with solid coverage underneath all colours except 100% black, or it can be layered so there is more white ink under lighter colours and less underneath darker colours. There is a lot of flexibility! They are ideal for application onto non-porous smooth surfaces such as; ceramics, plates, porcelain, glass, mirrors, candles or soap and are extremely popular for nail art. They are also perfect for 3D and curved items.


Please use the template we have provided below to create your artwork. Files should be supplied at 300dpi and in CMYK colour format. Please keep all artwork within the safe zone which is 5mm in from all edges.


UK size: 85mm X 55mm

A4 Template

Photoshop Template

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