Blend full colour printing with metallic foil effects on our Foil Stamped Note Card range for dazzling personalisation. We also offer a wide range of Custom Note Cards with foil, which are priced via quotation due to the huge range of options we offer such as foil stamping, duplexing and white ink printing. Foiled Note Cards can be produced using distinct stocks such as Cotton, Colorplan, Senses, Gmund and many others. Effects such as gold foil can be applied to any of these card stocks, as well as, duplexing bold stock colours together to create duotone edges!

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The beautiful adornment of gold foil can be stamped onto both our Printed Note Card ranges and our Custom Note Cards which are produced via quotation. Custom Coloured Note Cards with foil encompasses using a range of different stocks such as Colorplan, Vanguard, Senses and Gmund, then foil stamping your logo/design on to the surface. Traditional foil stamping is carried out to create Gold Foil Note Cards enabling us to utilse smooth and textured creative card stocks. The products above can all be customised with metallic foil within a 50 sq cm area, which is ideal for a logo. If you are interested in a Gold Foil Note Card, with gold foil on a large area, please reach out to us with your note card artwork for a quote. Our team will determine the foil die size and provide a quick quote. Gold Foil Note Cards are a specialty at AHC. We even stock a yellow gold and trendy rose gold too! Gold Foil Personalized Note Cards can also be produced using variable data and digital foiling, which is more cost effective for personalisation since it doesn’t require foil stamping dies/blocks.


All that glitters is not always gold! Metallic Silver Foil Note Cards can look just as exquisite as Gold Foil Note Cards. Adding silver foil is just as visually striking and although it’s not as popular as gold, it can also make your correspondence card/note card really eye catching! There’s actually very little difference between creating your artwork for gold or silver foil. If your note card is going to be digitally printed and foil stamped, all you need to do is supply one print file for full colour printing and one vector file, which has your artwork for foiling in solid black. Let us know which foil colour you’d like or select your foil colour online during customisation, and we’ll do the rest!


Our fixation with creative card stocks enables us to craft Custom Note Cards with Foil Effects. Surprise your target audience with stylish Custom Note Cards which can be die cut to distinct shapes, duplexed to showcase duotone edges, triplexed for flashy colored cores, printed with digital white ink printing and even embossed! If you are looking for a Custom Note Card with foil stamping, please get in touch with our friendly team for a quick quote.


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