Printing on Kraft

Artwork Considerations for Printing on Kraft

Unlike printing on white stocks, your artwork won’t come out exactly as you see it on your screen. With Kraft being a brown card, your colours will be affected, so it’s good to bear a few things in mind.

First, these cards are printed on a standard CMYK press so white won’t work. Anything left white in your artwork will, instead, come out as the earthy brown colour of the stock itself. If you'd like to use white ink on Kraft, please see our Kraft Business Cards which can be printed with digital white ink.

Black ink works very well, creating a strong contrast between your design and the card. Having a simple, bold design in black builds on that vintage feeling that the stock already has. Colours will work too, just remember that the final output will be affected by the brown colour of the stock.

Get a feel for our Kraft stock in person by ordering one of our sample packs. You’ll also get to see what other creative stocks and print finishing options we have to offer.

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