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Maintaining traditions in the printing industry can truly set a company apart from the masses. At AHC, we create a unique blend of traditional and contemporary printing by combining the latest digital inkjet and laserjet presses with vintage printing presses.

By pooling our press resources, it gives us the facility to achieve beautiful and crisp colour printing on a plethora of papers. Some examples include: Coloured papers, like Colorplan and Vanguard, textured and embossed papers and 100% cotton papers, as well as, plantable wildflower seed paper, wheat paper and other unique, sustainable papers. Alongside traditional full colour printing, our team can also print full colour designs on coloured papers (with a white ink underpin), as well as, white ink printing on matte black uncoated paper, kraft paper, transparent media and much more.

One of our central skillsets includes a background in design and artwork which we incorporate into creative printing. We have an innate passion to collaborate with clients in the UK, as well as, abroad to explore solutions and cultivate ways to bring their ideas to fruition. You'll often see this commentary in our reviews. The specialty, handcrafted nature of our production process enables us to craft products that are distinct, highly unique and memorable, which means they can't be replicated using mainstream printing processes. Our production facility does include a few automated processes to ensure our prices remain competitive on larger print runs, however, artisanal printing and hand finishing are indeed our specialties and encompass the heart of our print production.


Our studio is equipped with a variety of digital print finishing options including foil blocking, embossing, duplexing, laminating, die cutting, folding, binding, stitching, creasing and hand finishing.

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