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Our Specialty Business Card range contains unique papers we've selected to produce distinct business cards for incredible impact! This range consists of Gmund Gold and Gmund Action which have special coatings applied. They are designed for high-end applications where the paper is required to add an extra something special to the finished business card.

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Our Specialty Paper Business Cards encompass a range of special papers that have unique finishes with a particular focus on Gmund Gold and Gmund Action. Gmund Gold has an explosion of pigments. They feature 12 golden nuances are dramatic, unique and brilliant. You can craft your Specialty Paper Business Cards with everything from intensively shining Hollywood gold to a subtle glittering shimmer. Gmund Gold is a very high-end, luxurious specialty paper which is ideal for hot foil stamping, embossing, die cutting and even digital printing! It's also highly favoured for luxury wedding invitations. It can also be duplexed and edge gilded.


Gmund Action is designed for high-end applications where the paper is required to add a special element to the finished product. Gmund Action sheets have a specialty coating which gives it a fine, textured, fabric-like surface which is enhanced with mica for subtle sparkle. It is available in 10 shades including white, pastels, brights and deeply rich colours. The colours are Electric Blood, a vivid red; Pastel Heart Attacked, in both fluorescent and baby pink; Vibrant Arsenic and Nuclear Acid bring a neo-punk flavour to yellow and green. Alpine Sparkling Water (lilac), Crystal Vanilla Sorbet (beige) and Clear Blue Sky (blue) have a pearlescent gleam. Night Offshore Blue and Dark Silver Cloud are lustrous on one side, black on the other; while Go To Hell Black is deep matt black.


Aside from being crafted using specialty papers, these business cards can also be die cut to unique shapes using our platen die cutting presses. We have a range of standard cutters available, but we can also produce Specialty Shaped Business Cards to your specifications. Reach out to us with your business card artwork for a quote. We'll need to see the overall outline of the shape to be able to cost up a cutting forme. Specialty Shaped Cards can also be combined with hot foil stamping, white ink printing and multi-layer effects.


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