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Synonymous with status and prestige, Edge Gilded Business Cards epitomise the ultimate luxury accentuation. We offer edge gilding on an array of business cards ranges from laminated cards to Colorplan, Vanguard, Kraft and others. Gilding colours include gold, silver, rose gold, copper orange, bronze, holographic silver and more!

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Our master craftsman has become adept at applying holographic edges to a wide assortment of our business cards. By using a special adhesive and our own in-house gilding techniques, we can make holographic rainbow edges radiate colour! They are particularly well suited on our 450gsm Laminated Cards, but can be applied to most of our business card ranges. If you're looking for robust Holographic Edge Gilded Business Cards, look no further! We craft them in-house and maintain complete control over the process. Holographic Edge Business Cards can be coupled with holographic foil stamping, and we also carry a holographic card stock that can be digitally printed! They've become so popular that we added our own Holographic Business Cards range.


Gold Edge Gilded Business Cards embody status and prestige. The ancient craft of gold edge gilding can be traced all the way back to the Egyptians. Nowdays, they are commonly used by luxury brands, high-end real estate brokers, companies selling high value items and anyone who requires the ultimate look of luxury on their business cards. Metallic gold remains the popular colour selection for edge gilding on business cards and invitations!


Although Holographic and Gold Edge Gilded Business Cards are requested the most by our clients', we offer many other edge colors; including metallic rose gold, copper orange, bronze, silver, platinum and other finishes such as matt gold and matt silver. Other colours may be available on request, but not every foil colour is available in a grade suitable for the edge gilding process. If you have a specific shade in mind, for your Color Edge Gilding Business Cards, please reach out to us and we'll see what we have available! We jazzed up white business cards by gilding with black gloss foil!

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