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Contemporary Printing

Reimagining the creative boundaries with high-end printing and unique print finishes.

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foil blocking
Foil Blocking

Transform paper and card with foil stamping for stunning metallic foil effects. Discover creative flair with microstructure foiling, foil embossing and overprintable foil effects, as well as, special effect foils, pigment foils and fluorescent foils.

white ink printing on kraft
White Ink Printing

Achieve distinction with digital white ink. Our studio offers white ink printing on kraft, black paper, coloured papers, transparent stickers and much more.

blind embossing

Embrace the prestige vibe with elegant blind embossing or showstopping multi-level embossing effects. Embossing can also be combined with foil effects.

foil edge gilding
Edge Gilding

Synonymous with status and prestige, foil edge gilding is the ultimate accentuation to business cards, invitations and wedding stationery produced by our skilled craftsmen. Choose from a myriad of colours including gold, copper, silver, rose gold, holographic and many more.

blind debossing

Elegance in depth. Elevate your printed materials with the artistry of debossing. Our skilled artisans bring a subtle sophistication to your creations, sculpting captivating textures that draw the eye and touch. From understated classics to intricate designs, debossing adds a tactile dimension that speaks volumes.

plantable seed paper printing
Seed Paper Printing

Sow creativity, reap blossoms. Print your designs on our wildflower plantable seed paper, where sustainability meets beauty. As your designs take root, vibrant wildflowers spring to life, embodying growth and eco-consciousness. Whether it's invitations, promotional materials, or heartfelt cards, our plantable seed paper adds a touch of nature's marvel to every printed piece.

die cutting

Uniquely yours. Custom shaped business cards, swing tags, envelopes and greeting cards are just some of the products we can die-cut. Coupled with white ink, embossing or foiling, you can craft upmarket custom shaped print media.

coloured board

Colour pop! Utilise our range of diverse papers and weights for duotone edges, coloured cores and ultra thick business cards, invitations and more. We can bond media weights up to 2000gsm!

Founded in 2009, we are a small team of artworkers, craftsmen and print professionals that unite to be trailblazers in creative print.

iridescent card foiling
digital printing

Digital Printing

Achieve beautiful colour printing on silk coated papers, textured papers and 100% recycled papers, as well as, plantable seed paper, petal paper, elephant poo paper, grass paper and other unique sustainable papers. We offer both digital laser and inkjet printing, allowing us to print on a hugely diverse range of papers.

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Paper Collections

Our intense passion for paper means we work with a vast assortment from GF Smith, Fedrigoni and Antalis, in addition to, zero waste wildflower seed paper and resource saving papers made grass, wheat straw, cannabis and seaweed. Our knowledgeable team can guide you on your next project with paper, printing and finishing options.

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House Foils & Effects

Our studio stocks a wide range of metallic and pigment foils with hundreds more shades available on request. Discover cutting edge foil techniques such as; microstructure foiling, 3D foil embossing & overprintable foils to achieve metallic full colour prints!

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Behind the scenes..

Foil debossed business cards for Tim Laing

Take a peak behind the scenes as we produce foil debossed business cards. With our vast selection of papers, foils and finishes, every project is diverse and this fuels our passion for our trade and love of the work we do!

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