Printing on Senses

Senses is an ideal stock for digital printing on a myriad of coloured papers, which allows creative freedom to transform your media into gorgeous pieces!

The Senses paper range is compromised of 35 briliant colours to select from. Each Senses card colour can be printed with white ink, black ink or with full colour (CMYK inks). In order to achieve lighter colours on darker Senses stocks, we are also able to print white ink underneath full colour CMYK inks in a single pass. Furthermore, direct printing of the media colour onto the media (e.g. black ink on black stock, red ink on red stock) with no white behind, creates a subtle UV varnish type effect and can be part of white ink designs without any additional cost. In addition, CMYK inks will also create a subtle shine/spot UV effect in contrast with the uncoated coloured card stock. Please reach out to us for some samples, if you'd like to see the affects that can be achieved with digital CMYK+white printing on Senses.