Plantable Seed Paper Business Cards


Wildflower seed paper 280gsm.

Heat-free printing technology with stunning colours.

plantable seed paper business card
plantable seed paper business card seed paper business card

Plantable Seed Paper Business Cards

Many businesses are shifting their focus to sustainment in a movement to preserve the environment. Our Plantable Seed Paper Business Cards are ideal for the eco-conscious and are earth-embracing. They're crafted on UK-made wildflower seed paper on 280gsm with wildflower seeds fused into the stock. The cards have digital printing with heat-free technology which produces gorgeous and vibrant colouration. Furthermore, this technology ensures the preservation of the seeds, so they can be planted to blossom into wildflowers. Wildflowers are integral to pollinators in the environment which help to sustain our ecosystem. Achieve unique and eco-friendly vibes with our beautiful Plantable Seed Paper Business Cards.

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The production times quoted on our website are based on typical production schedules and cannot be guaranteed. If you require a product urgently or by a specific date, please contact us before ordering and we will do our upmost to adjust our production schedules and meet your needs. Our ability to meet very tight delivery deadlines is subject to order specifications, quantities, machine requirements, third-party couriers and several other factors that may be beyond our control.


Colour variation is inherent in any printing process, you should expect a 10% colour shift between print runs.


We utilise UK-made wildflower seed paper. Our Seed Paper Business Cards are printed using water-based pigment inks and heat-free printing technology, so the seeds aren’t damaged, thus ensuring the best chance of germination. Our digital press achieves excellent ink coverage across the entire paper, so designs can be created normally in full-colour, just as with printing on standard white paper.