Kraft Brown


We use a premium Kraft card stock called Nomad and offer it in a traditional kraft colour.

Kraft is a brown, recycled card stock. You may recognise it in its lighter weights as, parcel wrap or paper bags. At 350gsm, Kraft card is much firmer and is a popular stock for kraft business cards, flyers, invitations and kraft greeting cards.

Kraft is far from a standard white stock and, as such, it will affect your artwork’s colouring. Many people choose to create designs out of just black ink, white ink or a combination of the two, because they stand out so well against the brown. This approach brilliantly complements the old fashioned style of Kraft. We also offer foil stamping on Kraft card.

Colours work too, though and they’re a great way to modernise the vintage-feeling stock. If you do want to use colour, we advise using strong, vibrant blocks of colour and to keep your palette minimal.