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Eye-catching raised digital foil effects for visual impact!

Unlike traditional foil stamping, digital foiling doesn't require etched metal dies/plates, making it affordable for short runs, with larger foil coverage areas. The drawback is that it only works on smooth card stocks such as; 350/400gsm silk board or matt/soft touch lamination. It's not suitable for any uncoated or textured stocks and doesn't create a 'debossed' impression in the card stock. It can, however, be applied on top of spot UV, to create a unique raised foil finish which is very popular for those looking for an embossed finish. Because the foil is applied on top of the spot UV, it allows for accurate registration of foil elements and digitally printed elements. It's perfect for laminated business cards and invitations. Raised metallic foil effects can be applied to one or both sides of the cards and on a maximum thickness of 400gsm card stock.

Key Benefits of Digital Foiling:

  • It's great for jobs that require close registration of digitally printed elements and foil elements.
  • It has a unique raised foil finish that doesn't impact the reverse side. This means, it can be applied to both sides, which isn't possible with traditional foil embossing, due to a reverse indentation on the opposite side.
  • It's cost effective for short runs and larger foil coverage as it doesn't require metal dies/plates to be etched.

Drawbacks of Digital Foiling:

  • You can sometimes lose fine detail due to the digital process. Foil stamping can allow for finer detail since it uses metal dies/plates.
  • It's expensive for long runs, due to digital foiling being a slower process.
  • There's a limited foil colour range. Presently, we only offer gold, silver, red, green and blue foil effects for the digital foiling process. For foil stamping, we stock 18 foil colours including holographic silver, rose gold, bronze, platinum, copper, matt gold, matt silver, hot pink and many more. There are also hundreds more hot stamping foil shades available from suppliers.
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