Oversized Plates

Oversized plates are only required if your foil or embossing design goes to more than 2 edges of your card.

When applying metallic foil or embossing/debossing effects to your business card, we require metal plates (also called dies or blocks) to be etched. These plates are priced according to their size. If your design has foil or emboss/deboss design elements that go beyond the 5mm safe zones, to more than 2 edges/sides of your business card, then you will need to select 'yes' for oversized plates, because your design will be considered full bleed. Oversized plates are more expensive due to the larger size, and it also changes the way in which we set up and print your order. This is reflected in the additional cost for oversized plates. If you are unsure if your design requires oversized plates, please reach out to us with your artwork files using the Help Desk in your account area and we will be glad to advise you.

Please note: Oversized plates are for full bleed designs. If design elements only go to the edge of the card on one or two sides, then oversized plates will not need to be selected. Please see the examples in the illustration on the left. If you are unsure if your design requires oversized plates please send your artwork to our artwork team by submitting a ticket in the help desk in your account area and they will advise you.

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