Need a quote for a duplexing project?



Combine two or three different card colours to create thick business cards and invitations with riveting edge colour combinations!

Combine vibrant card colours to create duotones edges or coloured cores to visually amplify your brand, or create super thick business cards and invitations to really show off foil edge gilding. Our adhesive machine enables us to adhere two (duplex) or three (triplex) sheets together. These sheets can be the same colour, two colours or three different colours! We offer all 54 Colorplan colours and all 32 Vanguard colours as well as various metallic and creative card stocks, so we're sure to have a colour that suits your needs. Once the adhesive has properly cured, it provides a strong permanent bond. By incorporating this service with foil stamping, white ink printing and full colour printing with white underneath on coloured stocks, we have the facility to execute elegant, alluring and unique business cards, invitations and high-end promotional materials.

Please note: This service is only available on products printed and produced by After Hours Creative. We don't offer gilding as a trade service to third parties.

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