Save money on re-orders by having us store your foil dies for 12 months.

Due to the volume of orders we process, it's not logistically feasible for us to store every foil die. We've now added a new die storage option for online orders, whereby you can opt to have your die(s) stored for a period of 12 months, instead of us automatically recycling them after use.

Each stored foil die can then be reused and will be credited against any future re-orders, using the same foil artwork within the 12 month period. Each die will be discounted by £20/€20/$25 for re-orders. For example, if your order has 1 foil on the front and 1 on the back (2 dies), you will save £40 on a re-order using the same artwork/dies. All you need to do is submit a ticket in the Help Desk in your account area, and select the order number of the job you wish to reorder. We will then manually process it for you, less the amount saved by reusing the dies. If you'd prefer you can pay the full amount for the order, we can also credit the savings to your account in reward points, to spend on any future purchase on our website.

IMPORTANT: Savings for reusing dies require the artwork for foil stamping to be identical to the previous order. This is because we are reusing etched metal dies from the original job. You can, however, change any artwork that is digitally printed. For example, if your logo is in silver foil and your contact details are digitally printed, then the contact details can be changed on the reorder, however, the logo must remain exactly the same. If the foil artwork is changed anyway, then no discount will be extended, as we will need to order in a new foil die.