Need a quote for a die cutting project?



The process of die cutting allows us to cut printed and foil blocked sheets into unique shapes. It's ideal for business cards, swing tags, greeting cards and more.

Die cutting involves creating a custom cutting forme/knife from the supplied outline of the shape you would like. The cutting forme is used to cut the printed sheets into the final shape. Complex and unique shapes with very thin elements such as, the stem of a wine glass, are not suitable for die cutting. Die cutting is ideal for Die Cut Business Cards, flyers, invitations, swing tags and other items that need to be cut into a specific shape. Die cutting also allows for creasing in the same pass, which makes it ideal for cutting folders, packaging and greeting cards.

There are other ways to use die cutting, such as, combining it with coloured card stocks to create multi-layer business cards with a shape cut out of the top sheet. This can be coupled with spot UV and foil stamping for visually bolster business cards. In addition, stickers and labels can be kiss cut into unique shapes as well.

Please note: Our die cutting service is only available on products printed and produced by After Hours Creative. We do not offer die cutting as a trade service to third parties.


Die cutting entails cutting printed sheets into specific shapes based on supplied artwork. It is most commonly done using a custom die/knife; however, this can be expensive for short runs due to the knife cost and setup charges. For short runs of products, such as stickers and business cards, we offer a digital die cutting service which does not require a custom die/knife. Unlike traditional die cutting, digital die cutting can only cut stocks up to 350gsm thick, however, it can be combined with print finishing features such as, spot UV or digital foiling. It’s also ideal for kiss cutting stickers and labels to custom shapes.


Like most print studios, we retain generic cutting forms. The formes include circular business cards, round corner business cards and presentation folders, so please reach out to us for templates, if you’re interested in one of these options. Aside from these standard templates, many die cutting projects involve creating custom knives, which enables us to offer custom die cutting. You can create any shape you would like, then send us the artwork, so we can price the cutting forme. Generally, the more complex the shape, the more expensive the custom die cutting forme will be. We will need at least the outline of the shape to be able to provide a quote. If your custom die cutting project is only a short run and the stock is not any thicker than 350gsm, then we may be able to offer digital die cutting as an affordable alternative. If you’re unsure which will be the most cost-effective option for your custom die cutting project, please reach out to us and we’ll be able to guide you on the best option.