Conqueror Wove Cream Business Cards 300gsm

Conqueror Wove 300gsm cream card stock.

Ideal for appointment or voucher use.

Authentic hot foil stamping finish. No digital toner foiling.

15 Beautiful metallic foil colours.

Specially trained technicians with over 10+ years experience.


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Conqueror Wove Cream business cards
Conqueror Wove Cream business cards

Distinctive, Premium Conqueror Wove Cream Business Cards

Our Conqueror Wove Cream Business Cards are printed on premium, distinct 300gsm board with a refined feel and full colour printing. In addition, this stock offers matt printing performance, with the warm touch of an authentic wove. This range can also be foil stamped in the foil colour(s) of your choice on one side. We only utlise the finest stamping foils, resulting in a riveting and opulent metallic finish. The ideal choice for users who wish to experiment with creative stocks!

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Please ensure that you/your designer follow the artwork guidelines set out in our File Setup Guide. We have also included blank templates below, to help you create your artwork.


85mm X 55mm (UK)


Illustrator Template PDF Template Photoshop Template


Illustrator Template PDF Template Photoshop Template

For further information on file setup, please click on the purple button:.

File Setup Guide

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The production times quoted on our website are based on typical production schedules and cannot be guaranteed. If you require a product urgently or by a specific date, please contact us before ordering and we will do our upmost to adjust our production schedules and meet your needs. Our ability to meet very tight delivery deadlines is subject to order specifications, quantities, machine requirements, third-party couriers and several other factors that may be beyond our control.


Colour variation is inherent in any printing process, you should expect a 10% colour shift between runs. 


All foil stamping is carried out in-house at After Hours Creative. We apply foil effects using an etched metal die/plate and a combination of heat and pressure to press the foil in to the card stock. This foil stamping process creates a slight indentation in the card stock during the foil application. The amount of indentation is carried out at the discretion of the foil technician. Too much of an impression can cause the foil to bleed around the edges or create filling in between foil elements. Our priority is always achieving the highest quality foil print.


Debossing entails making a subtle indentation into the stock, with the absence of foil (blind debossing) or with foil. Any media produced with debossing is done at the technician's discretion, as too much of a deboss can cause the foil to bleed around the edges and result in a poor quality finish, so we find a balance between quality of print and the level of deboss.


All Conqueor Wove Cream Business Cards are printed on premium, refined board 300gsm. They're a part of our Uncoated Business Cards range. The stock is printed in full colour with your design.

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