Colorplan Duplex Business Cards 540gsm

Luxurious, deep colour saturated card stocks.

54 Rich, marvelling card colours.

Authentic hot foil stamping finish. No digital toner foiling.

Vast assortment of metallic foil colours, pigment foils and special effect foils such as, holographic, patterns,   fluorescent and more

Digital printing with white ink, black ink or with colour (CMYK inks) on any stock colour.

Specially trained technicians with over 10+ years experience.

copper foil colorplan business cards
copper foil colorplan business cards Colorplan Printed Business Card 540gsm Colorplan business card with metallic blue foil stamp Colorplan hot foil stamped business card Colorplan duplex foil business card

Colorplan Duplex Business Cards 540gsm Printing

Our Colorplan Duplex Business Cards 540gsm are crafted on GF Smith's ultra popular Colorplan stocks. Colorplan is an iconic brand of coloured stocks created for the most discerning designers and companies. You can be confident in the deep color saturation which serves as a hallmark to the Colorplan brand. There is a gorgeous palette of 54 colours to select from along with customisation options such as white ink or colour printing and foil stamping. We only use the highest quality stamping foils, ensuring a brilliant and luxurious metallic finish. They're one of our most popular business cards for business owners' who love textured stocks with enriching colours.

Important Note: We can print white ink underneath colour on Colorplan, however, we recommend you reach out to us for a test print for a nominal fee.

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Please ensure that you/your designer follow the artwork guidelines set out in our File Setup Guide. We have also included blank templates below, to help you create your artwork.


85mm X 55mm (UK)


Illustrator Template PDF Template Photoshop Template


Illustrator Template PDF Template Photoshop Template

3.5" X 2" (US)


Illustrator Template PDF Template Photoshop Template


Illustrator Template PDF Template Photoshop Template

90mm x 55mm (EU)


Illustrator Template PDF Template Photoshop Template


Illustrator Template PDF Template Photoshop Template

55mm Square


Illustrator Template PDF Template Photoshop Template

For further information on file setup, please click on the purple button:.

File Setup Guide

Need a quote for professional graphic design? Reach out to us with your design brief for a quote!



Experiment with card colours for an eye-catching design.

Combine white ink with foil stamping for a really eye catching card! Just remember to allow for around 1-2mm misregistration between ink printing and foil stamping.


Choose Pristine White, Bright White, Frost White or Ice White Colorplan stock to be flood printed in a solid colour. Colorplan is digitally printed, so choosing white stock and printing in a solid colour can result in banding and streaking. Instead, utilise the gorgeous colours to visually hoist your brand!



The production times quoted on our website are based on typical production schedules and cannot be guaranteed. If you require a product urgently or by a specific date, please contact us before ordering and we will do our upmost to adjust our production schedules and meet your needs. Our ability to meet very tight delivery deadlines is subject to order specifications, quantities, machine requirements, third-party couriers and several other factors that may be beyond our control.


Colour variation is inherent in any printing process, you should expect a 10% colour shift between print runs. 


Like many of the other creative stocks we offer, we don't recommend flood coating on Colorplan Bright White, Pristine White, Frost White or Ice White, because you'll lose the appeal of the stock. Instead, use the colours available in the Colorplan range, add text, logos and details with ink or foil stamping. If you upload artwork with a design to be printed with white ink, we will recommend adding GF Smith's 'smooth embossing' option, to create a smoother board for printing. This ensures the best quality finish, as it reduces the texture in the stock. In addition, if you'd like a design printed with white ink underneath colours inks, please reach out to us for a quote and to organise test prints.


All foil stamping is carried out in-house at After Hours Creative. We apply foil effects using an etched metal die/plate and a combination of heat and pressure to press the foil into the card stock. This foil stamping process creates a slight indentation in the card stock during the foil application. The amount of indentation is carried out at the discretion of the foil technician. Too much of an impression can cause the foil to bleed around the edges or create filling in between foil elements. Our priority is always achieving the highest quality foil print.


Debossing entails making a subtle indentation into the stock, with the absence of foil (blind debossing) or with foil. Any media produced with debossing is done at the technician's discretion, as too much of a deboss can cause the foil to bleed around the edges and result in a poor quality finish, so we find a balance between quality of print and the level of deboss.


Foil edge gilding is the application of metallic and satin foil colours to the edges of business cards and invitations. It is synonymous with status and prestige and is a specialised service carried out in-house at our studio. The process involves carefully sanding down the edges of business cards and invitations, then applying foil using a heated roller. The entire process is carried out by hand, which is why edge gilded products have longer production times. Please note that, you will lose around 1mm on each edge of your business cards due to the sanding and gilding process.


All Colorplan Duplex Business Cards 540gsm are crafted on genuine Colorplan paper. The stock can be printed in full colour or white ink with optional foil stamping on your design.

Discover this extraordinary colour range! Colorplan Card Colours range.