Cotton Business Cards

Classic Cotton Card has a luxury tactile finish and is 100% pure cotton. It's offered in pearl white and fluorescent white and is a popular choice for blind debossing, foil stamping and embossing. If a Colored Cotton Business Card suits your taste, then consider exploring our Wild Business Card range. Wild is 35% cotton and available in 6 colours that are inspired by the natural tones of the earth.

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Produced on 100% Cotton Card Stock which is available in both pearl white and fluorescent white. Our Classic Cotton Business Card range includes finishing options such as hot foil stamping and digital printing. Cotton is very sought after for it's unique tactile finish which is unlike any other card stock. It's often used for letterpress printing due to it's bulk and softness, which makes it ideal for deep impression printing and foil stamping. Cotton card is also ideal for blind debossing. We constantly stock 600gsm and 300gsm sheets of cotton card, enabling us to offer foil stamping on the 600gsm or digital printing on 300gsm; which can then be duplexed (glued back to back) with another sheet to create a 600gsm Cotton Business Card. Due to the nature of working with 100% cotton card, we recommend keeping your card white and only adding text and logos via digital printing. Utilising too much ink ruins the tactile surface, which is the appeal of cotton paper. Due to it's bulk and softness, having ink on the edges of the card can also cause cracking and flaking during guillotining. To maintain our high standards of finishing, we don't recommend having your design printed to the card edges.


Because of the way in which the term embossing is used online, we find it can cause confusion when it comes to Embossed Cotton Business Cards. When customers ask us for embossing, they often want their design pressed in to the surface, so it sits lower than the surface of the card. This is actually the opposite of embossing and is known as debossing. Debossing is popular with Cotton Business Cards, however, cotton is also suitable for embossing too. Embossed Cotton Business Cards are priced via quotation, based on your artwork and whether you require the reverse indentation to be hidden by duplexing the stock after embossing. This option is a more expensive way to process the job. With traditional embossing, we used a special fluted foil stamping die that presses your design through the back of the card stock, so that it is embossed (raised up) on the front. This creates a reverse indentation on the back of the card, which either needs to be allowed for when creating your design or specified during quoting. This allows us to adjust the way we produce your Embossed Cotton Business Card, so that this reverse indentation is hidden by duplexing another layer of cotton card.


Our Recycled Cotton paper is soft and luxurious to the touch. The soft, durable, 100% cotton paper communicates craftmanship and elegance in equal measure. It is expertly finished in-house by our team to craft Recycled Cotton Business Cards that make a memorable impression. Cotton card is ideal for processes such as letterpress, thermography, embossing, foil stamping, offset and digital printing. It's also suited to die-cutting and is often used for swing tags and hang tags along side business cards.


An important consideration with our Classic Cotton Business Cards, is that we always recommend keeping your card white. Working with the natural fluorescent and pearl white finishes of 100% cotton paper always creates the best results. It's not ideal for flood coating which involves printing full colour/full bleed designs. We often have customers asking us to print Cotton Business Cards in solid black, blue, grey or adding a full colour image. Adding this amount of ink ruins the tactile nature of the card stock and can cause ink cracking/flaking along the edges when guillotining, due to cotton being soft, with a high bulk. If you're looking for a Colored Cotton Business Card, we recommend our Wild paper range. Wild paper is produced with 35% cotton fibres and is characterised by a soft, natural surface and very high bulk. It's a dyed stock available in a range of colours inspired by the tones of the earth. Wild paper will be a great fit if you're looking for a Colored Cotton Business Card. Capture beautiful finishes on Wild when blind embossed or hot foil stamped.


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