Coloured Core Business Cards

Our Color Core Business Cards offer a beautiful visual showcase of colours. Select from Vanguard, Senses and Colorplan stocks, which gives you a myriad of core colour choices. Accentuate your Coloured Core Cards with customisation otpions including digital printing, white ink and hot foil stamping.

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Although there are special card stocks available for Colored Core Business Cards such as multi-loft, we find the core colors available to be a little limiting, especially when our customers are trying to match core colours as closely as possible to their brand colours. Many brands tend to 'highlight' a colour, which often works beautifully as a core colour running through the middle to the edge on a Colored Core Business Card. For example, our brand colours are black, white and grey with purple as our highlight colour. Purple works beautifully as an eye-catching seam running through the centre. By grouping Colorplan, Senses and Vanguard stocks in our Colored Core Business Card range, there are over 120 core colour options! You are also not limited to having the top and bottom layers as white, which is a drawback with most Coloured Core Business Cards. With our range, you can experiment with even more options such as black/pink/black, blue/orange/blue or you could even have three different colours such as green/black/pink. The possibilities are endless. Combining coloured cores with white ink printing, hot foil stamping and even full colour print with a white underpin makes these cards incredibly versatile.